Indie Intelligence Network

To stay Independent is to share

necessary information.

Isolation from information cannot be called independence.
A network to research, conduct and distribute insight is needed.
That is how "Indie Intelligence Network" came to formation.

Indie Intelligence Network Indie Intelligence Network

The evolution of game development and marketing will not come to a halt.
To not lose in the "battle for information", we must cohere, and we must communicate.
We will navigate the world to evolve the friendships that are bound by gaming, into an even stronger cohesion.


  • Co-Editor-in-Chief

    斉藤 大地

    A "game editor" who works with game creators on game development, media mix projects involving comics and animation, and articles in gaming media.
    Representative of WSS playground, an indie game label that produces such titles as NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD.

  • Co-Editor-in-Chief


    A writer. Privately runs a paid independent gaming media outlet "Game Zemi" with over 2,000 subscribers.
    A semi-regular contributor to TBS Radio's "After 6 Junction 2," and provides cross-generational and cross-cultural critiques through books, magazines, and radio among other things.


Denfami Nicogamer

A gaming media outlet founded by former members of "Famitsu" and "Dengeki," as well as Japan's largest video platform, "Nico Nico."
Rather than just focusing on news, it features interviews and columns leveraging high planning capabilities, with each article receiving extensive engagement equivalent to top tier outlets.